Coffee and Alzheimers

Here is some really, really good news for all of us coffee drinkers! There is very real and reliable scientific information that suggests that coffee drinkers are less likely (far less likely) to suffer from Alzheimer`s disease or dementia than non coffee drinkers.

So, the next time somebody tells you that coffee is going to give you ulcers (or some other nonsense), just tell them that you are drinking coffee for the medicinal purpose of preventing Alzheimer`s disease, and that you can prove it.

The first known study of determining whether coffee drinking could prevent Alzheimer`s disease was conducted in Portugal in 2002. The researchers set out to discover whether the caffeine in coffee could prevent or delay the degeneration of the brain that occurs before Alzheimer`s is diagnosed. They chose 54 patients who already had Alzheimer`s disease for the study. The researchers discovered that the caffeine in coffee was a significant factor in reducing the onset of the disease as well as the progression of the disease.

Another study in Berlin failed to find that the caffeine in coffee prevented Alzheimer`s, but it did establish that possibility of a link between caffeine consumption and overall neurological health.

The largest study about the relationship between drinking coffee and preventing Alzheimer`s was done in Canada. The Canadian Study of Health and Aging studied more than 6,000 people over the age of 65. It was found that consuming coffee was a significant factor in reducing the risk of Alzheimer`s disease.

Granted, none of the studies to date firmly establish that coffee drinking can prevent Alzheimer`s disease altogether, but there is enough positive information to warrant more studies be conducted in the future, and also to hand some valuable ammunition to coffee drinkers around the world.