Coffee and Blood Pressure

The medical establishment has changed its view of the way caffeine affects blood pressure several times over the years. It kind of reminds me of that old song, \”First you say you do and then you say you don`t, first you say you will and then you say you won`t\”

While it IS true that drinking a cup of coffee temporarily and very briefly raises blood pressure by a tiny bit, the caffeine does not cause the blood pressure to remain elevated for any length of time, and now almost all medical research suggests that there is no correlation between coffee drinking and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, there is very good research that has determined that coffee drinking is actually helpful in preventing colorectal cancer and delaying the onset of Alzheimer`s and dementia.

Actually, it would be nice if simply giving up caffeine were the complete answer and an easy fix to the problem of high blood pressure. That isn`t the answer, though. You can keep your coffee mug in action, but you do need to lose weight and start exercising.see, I told you it would be easier to just give up coffee, but that won`t do the trick.

Blood pressure that is constantly too high can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Those are not good things. You want to avoid those if at all possible. It is even becoming widely accepted that coffee drinking (including caffeine) can help lower your blood pressure. Drinking coffee can give you that added burst of energy that will help you do the exercise that will help to lower your blood pressure.

Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant, so it can help you lose those extra pounds and that will help to lower your blood pressure as well.