Coffee Clubs

If coffee is what turns you on, you might be interested in joining one of the many, many coffee clubs that are offered on the Internet. Or, if you know someone who really, really enjoys their coffee and has adventurous taste buds, you might consider giving them a coffee club membership as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mother`s Day or Father`s Day.

There are several \”coffee of the month\” clubs that are available. There are gourmet coffee clubs, as well as flavored coffee clubs. You can even hoose specialized coffee gift baskets for the real coffee connoisseurs on your gift list.

Many different kinds of coffees are sent out each month to coffee club members. Depending upon the kind of coffee club membership, coffees that might be the \”coffee of the month\” are:

Cinnamon or American Roasts: These coffees are made with lightly roasted coffee beans. The longer beans are roasted, the more volume that they lose, so Cinnamon or American Roasts are the least expensive coffees to produce.

City Roast: This kind of coffee is made from beans that are the very lightest roast. City Roast coffees are a tiny bit acidic, but the bean flavor is still fully realized.

Full City Roast: This kind of coffee is made from beans that have been roasted longer. They are darker than City Roast coffees and have a kind of caramel taste.

French Roast: These beans are roasted a very long time. All of the acidity has been removed, and there is a burned taste which many people like. (Think south Louisiana.)

Italian Espresso Roast: This is the darkest possible roast. The beans are actually burned to a crisp. Italian Espresso Roasts are used for making espresso and cappuccino.

Those are the roasts. Many flavors can be added to each of them to make different and unusual coffees.