Coffee Mugs

I love my coffee mug! I use it everyday. There isn`t anything particularly fancy or special about my coffee mug, except that is my coffee mug and it holds enough coffee to actually do some good, unlike those itty bitty cups with the tiny little handles that my wife prefers. I hate those cups. My fingers get stuck in the handles and they don`t hold enough coffee.

Not that I have ever paid a lot of attention to my coffee mug. It is just there every morning. I fill it up with coffee and carry it around with me from room to room as I prepare to go to work, or it sits within easy reach as I read my newspaper. It keeps the coffee hot for awhile, and I don`t have to refill it but just occasionally.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the coffee mug and wondered who thought up the perfect design. I never did find out who the inventor of the coffee mug was, but it seems that the coffee mug is actually a \”take-off\” of the old beer stein. When you think about the two designs, they are certainly similar.

Coffee mugs are man-sized. The smallest ones hold 12 ounces, and there are coffee mugs that hold as much as 20 ounces. Coffee mugs have also been modernized. Old coffee mugs were either made of tin or ceramic. Today, there are plastic and stainless steel coffee mugs, and coffee mugs that are insulated. There are coffee mugs that are made for travel, too. There is a top that prevents the coffee from spilling even when the coffee mug is tipped over. That sounds like a good idea.

Maybe I`ll go buy one that is insulted and made of space-age plastic with a top that prevents spills.