Coffee Shop Charm

Coffee shops that are very uniquely American can be found all over this great country of ours. There are coffee shops in big American cities and coffee shops in dusty little off-the-beaten-path towns that you have probably never heard of. Now I am not talking about big chain coffee shops like Starbucks here. I`m talking about the locally famous coffee shop that are the gathering places for friends or an escape hatch for those who can`t stand being chained to a desk for even one more minute.

In many of the large American cities, locally famous coffee shops offer wi-fi Internet service, sometimes even for free. In those small, out-of-the-way towns, there is rarely a wi-fi connection offered, but you can find out who is getting married, divorced, having a baby, or the going price of cows and hogs.
There is one thing that coffee shops all over America have in common, though. They all smell the same. There is a particular smell of an American coffee shop that you will find in no other place on earth. It is impossible to describe this unique smell accurately. There is, of course, the smell of coffee, and maybe that is the predominate smell; but it certainly isn`t the only one. Underlying the smell of the coffee is the smell that cannot be described, but that you recognize immediately when you walk into an American coffee shop. The smell is clean, warm, and welcoming and like no other.

The local coffee shop is where life happens, whether the \”local\” is in a big city or in a small town. People arrange to meet at the local coffee shoplovers, business associates, friends, etc. Everybody knows where the local coffee shop is, and that it is \”neutral\” territory and a natural gathering and meeting place.