Coffee To Go

Has anybody seen those old “Leave it to Beaver” reruns on late night TV? There is June (the mother) in full makeup and high heels without a hair out of place serving breakfast to her family at the breakfast table. Ward, the father, wearing a suit and tie, all showered and shaved, and the two boys are gathered around the breakfast table for their morning meal. June pours coffee from a coffee carafe into Ward’s waiting coffee cup as they discuss their upcoming day. It just cracks me up! I’m sitting there thinking, “Yeah…right! When pigs fly!”

I figure most households operate pretty much like mine does. The words “busy, hectic and insane,” come to mind. Mornings are done on the fly. Breakfast is a bowl of cold cereal (every man, woman, and child for themselves) and coffee is “to go” as we all rush around trying to get to work and school on time. My wife and I each have our own “to-go” spillproof mug so that we can drink our morning coffee as we drive.

And, yes, some mornings we have to stop by the nearest McDonalds and BUY a coffee to go if we have coffee at all because SOMEBODY forgot to set the automatic timer on the automatic coffee maker the night before.

Fortunately, technology caught up with “real life,” and those well-insulated, spillproof coffee mugs made of unbreakable space-age materials are
available. I’d hate to try to drink my coffee out of the fine china coffee cup like Ward used while I drive the minivan loaded with kids through rush hour traffic while organizing the family schedule (soccer practice, piano lessons, etc.) that is more complicated than a rocket launch at NASA.

Coffee to go is a necessity in our busy world. It’s either coffee to go, or no coffee at all.