Espresso Coffee Machines

Those who love espresso coffee also love their espresso coffee makers. When you happen to overhear them discussing their espresso coffee makers, you would think they were debating the advantage one sports car has over another rather than coffee makers.

There are espresso coffee machine owners who believe that nothing can possibly compare to the coffee that a manual espresso coffee maker brews. There are those who swear that only the semiautomatic variety will make really, REALLY good coffee. Then there are those who wouldn`t dream of owning anything other than a fully automatic espresso coffee maker. According to them, only the fully automatic espresso coffee maker can make perfect coffee every time. And so, the debate rages on!

The manual espresso coffee machine owners tell you (and anybody else who will listen) that their manual machines give them full control of the coffee-making process, and they wouldn`t want it any other way. They add the water so they have control of quantity to the drop. They add the coffee grounds so they have control to the grain. They have control down to the split second of when to start the frother.

The semiautomatic espresso coffee maker owner will tell you that their machines do everything but turn themselves on and off, which is true. The only thing that the owner of a semiautomatic espresso coffee maker must do is flip the switch on and off, but according to them that is all that is necessary to obtain the perfect cup of espresso.

Those who own fully automatic espresso coffee makers don`t have to do anything at all, and that is precisely how they want it. Full automation, they say, is simply the only way to go. Set it and forget it!

And the espresso coffee maker owners haven`t even started to debate the advantage one brand might have over all others.